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July 5, 2017


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Here is some exciting news we haven’t had in awhile!


Casto Family members may be interested in a new book recently written by Roy Casto. “The Casto Family: An American Journey”, explores the origins of the Castos in America, discusses the first Castos found living in New Jersey in the early 1700’s, and also tracks the William (1717) and David (1721) sides of the family from the early 1700’s until the mid 1800’s.


The book publishes in one place, the current status of Casto genealogical research… including DNA. It contains extensive Family Tree information on the Casto Family and also families closely associated with our Castos. But it is more than just a genealogy book.


The book describes the westward migration of both the William (1717) and David Casto (1721) lines, especially the story of David Casto’s children who were orphaned on the Virginia frontier circa 1769. This includes their travels from the panhandle of West Virginia, then on to southwestern Pennsylvania. then on to the Buckhannon area of West Virginia, and finally to Mason/Jackson County. West Virginia. The book reveals the often difficult challenges of life on the frontier from the 1760's to the 1790's, including frequent Indian attacks.


If you are interested in the history of the Casto Family, you are going to want this book.


The book is available for $30 (which includes shipping) from:

Roy Casto

2175 Wagon Trail Rd.

Monroe, Virginia 24574


Please enclose your shipping information with your order.


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Text Box: Some tips for using the search engine:

Since almost everyone on here is a Casto, if you’re looking for George Casto, just search for George!  Seaching for “George Casto” limits your results.

Your results will be different if you search for GEORGE or George.

Vague words like “Census” or “Marriage” are not specific enough for good results. Try names, locations, or even years.  A search for 1915, for example, came up with 4 different events that happened to Castos that year.

When all else fails, contact me and have me research my off-line material.   I’ve got almost 30 books with Casto material in them and subscriptions to several online services so I really should be able to find SOMETHING on your line.

Also—VERY IMPORTANT—This search engine does NOT look at names in my online database.  You must go directly to that page to see who is in there.

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