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August 14, 2020


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These are challenging times that we live in and fear and uncertainty are felt by many of us.  There is something comforting about looking to the past, to find our ancestors and know that they lived through their own challenging times and we will make it through ours, too.


My grandmother was born in 1907 and lived through 2 World Wars, the Great Depression, and lived to see 18 Presidents—every one from Theodore Roosevelt to George Bush.  She saw a lot of history but wasn’t really interested in it and didn’t share of lot of what she experienced.  I’m just the opposite—I live in an age of cell phones but also have a rotary dial sitting in the foyer, just to show the grandkids.  And I love family and learning about family that is no longer with us and helping others learn about their family, too.  That’s what Casto Connections is all about, family.  Sometimes they’re not what we imagined but somehow they have contributed to making us who we are today.


So, I hope you enjoy the resources you find here and if you need any help, just let me know.  If you’re on Facebook, please join our Casto Connections page and visit with all your distant cousins!  Yes, almost every Casto in America is related!



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PS:  I know this site isn’t actually “mobile friendly” at the moment but we’re working on that.  With over 2,000 pages of information created over a 23-year span of time, it takes a while!  Be patient with us!




Text Box: Some tips for using the search engine:

Since almost everyone on here is a Casto, if you’re looking for George Casto, just search for George!  Seaching for “George Casto” limits your results.

Your results will be different if you search for GEORGE or George.

Vague words like “Census” or “Marriage” are not specific enough for good results. Try names, locations, or even years.  A search for 1915, for example, came up with 4 different events that happened to Castos that year.

When all else fails, contact me and have me research my off-line material.   I’ve got almost 30 books with Casto material in them and subscriptions to several online services so I really should be able to find SOMETHING on your line.

Also—VERY IMPORTANT—This search engine does NOT look at names in my online database.  You must go directly to that page to see who is in there.

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