William Casto (1717-1778)

August 16, 2002 update

I have spoken and/or corresponded with many Casto researchers over the last few years. Many of them believe that there were two brothers, David and William who were born in New Jersey in the early 1700s. Other Casto researchers would feel better if there were more documentation to establish a link between the two men before making the claim of brothers. Whichever way you choose to believe, it is an established fact that there was a David Casto and a William Casto.

This section of the Casto Connections web site is going to try and provide more information on William’s descendants. I am working closely with Walter Casto on this particular section because he is more familiar with this branch than I am. Walter and I both strongly urge any researcher to verify any information found on the internet by independent means, such as writing to the courthouse where records are located or finding someone who can verify a tombstone if you are not able to go look for yourself. Since we are all human, we all make mistakes and especially when material had been transcribed as many times as some of this material has — published in a book, copied by one researcher sent to another and retyped by me to be made available here. However, our goal here is to assist other researchers by sharing what we have found out through our own research and help others find their Casto ancestors. If you have any requests, suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact either Walter or myself.

One of the reasons so much is known about this particular ancestor is because of the existence of copies of his last will and testament and his bible pages listing dates for his family. The copy of the bible pages which I have has this typed note at the bottom: “The original bible is now owned by David Casto, of Redwood City, Calif. It was handed down from Thomas Johnson Casto (son of Firmon) to his stepson John Wheaton Wiltsie (son of Ida Susie Wheaton by her first husband, General Lewis Wiltsie). Young John took the name Casto after his mother’s marriage to Thomas. Late in life, in 1940, John married Lura Morgonson, a widow with two sons; he died in 1950. Lura, living temporarily in Long Beach, Calif., in 1950, was contacted by David when he noticed her name (Casto) in the phone book; she offered him the bible to make it available to those of more direct Casto lineage.”

I know the David Casto that was mentioned in the note has passed away and I’m not sure as to the exact location of the bible pages today. I published these pages years ago in the Casto Connections newsletter and this is one of the few instances where I feel it will be OK to use on the web site as well. I am starting the creation of this section on William’s family with the will and bible pages.

Happy Hunting!

Before going to the bible pages and will, let’s start with William’s children…

William & Purthenia Purple :
1. Elizabeth        9 Dec. 1746
2. Abel               24 Jul. 1748
3. Azariah           1 May 1750
4. Lidea            29 Aug. 1751

William & Sarah ? :
1. John             24 Sep. 1759
2. Andrew         14 Jan. 1761
3. David            16 May 1762
4. Jonathan       23 May 1764
5. Jeremiah         3 July 1767
6. William            9 July 1769
7. Jacob             1 Feb. 1772
8. Thomas         25 Mar. 1776
9. Abijah            23 May 1777

Will of William Casto (1717-1778)

Transcribed Will of William Casto (1717-1778)

Bible Pages of William Casto (1717-1778)

Transcribed Bible Pages of William Casto (1717-1778)